PROVIT is an international protein and vitamins retailer licensed by global fitness brands, including MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Quest and more.

Brand Values

Health. Lifestyle. Energy.

Fun, educational and - most importantly - lovely for the eye. These are the characteristics of the digital presence for the largest protein and vitamins reseller in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.


Content Development
Social Media and Website Support
Ads Management and Tracking
Print Design


Adobe Creative Suite


Ongoing Support

The Challenge

Blackbird was invited in December of 2020 to manage the social media presence of the largest protein and vitamin reseller, PROVIT.

Before handing over the marketing for the brand to our creative team, we we're informed that the PROVIT brand was primarily selling to gym enthusiasts - a micro-segment in the broader health & fitness market. One of the requests was to build a digital strategy that rebranded PROVIT as a health and fitness brand for all athletes.

Additionally, the executives at PROVIT we're looking to maintain an aggressive digital presence with an average of 5-6 posts per week. The primary type of content was promotions, followed by educational posts, and giveaways.

The Solution

The partnership began with market and competitor research to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of PROVIT with respect to competitors in the health and fitness market.

Following the research, our creatives began with a minimal rebrand that would be communicated across digital and print media. The primary digital channel of communication was social media, including Facebook and Instagram, and later through the e-commerce website (built by our dev team).

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Diverse Social Content

Blackbird's consistent and diverse social strategy gives our clients the power to focus their marketing tactics on those audiences most likely to respond and buy – period.

Over the years, we have recognized the different types of content and advertising strategies that promote positive ROI and increases in social following.

E-Commerce Integration

Blackbird was responsible for developing the online shop of PROVIT as a response to COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the website was to integrate digital media, while supplementing all PPC efforts.