After three-years of continuous learning, we have helped INTERSPORT launch a new online store that features smart recommendations, stock automation, custom pop-ups and more.

Project Mission

Analytics. Automation. Speed.

Once in the store, we expect you to be mesmerized for a minimum of 5 minutes. At least thats what the average visitor of INTERSPORT 2.0 reports.


User Design
User Experience
Web Development
Smart Recommendations
Stock Management API




February, 2021

The Challenge

In the past three years, the website of INTERSPORT Kosova had turned into an ancient ruin. The structure on which it was built was rigid, and made changing the layout of the platform impossible. While the pandemic had a positive impact on sales, it also surfaced countless bugs that prevented sales from reaching their potential.

Post-pandemic, we were invited by INTERSPORT to re-invent their online platform, and ensure that problems similar to those of the pandemic did no repeat themselves.

Among others, the website would have to reduce manual work, increase flexibility, and open the gate to new opportunities - including email marketing automation, lead generation and more.

The Solution

The e-commerce shop is designed and developed on Wordpress using Elementor. By using these platforms, we were able to create a modular website whose layout could easily be changed at any given moment.

To reduce manual work on the platform, we developed a custom API that updates the stock of over 2,000 products in real-time, as well as an algorithm that tries to up- and cross-sell products based on the item that the user is browsing that that time.

Today, the website provides a smooth experience to an average of 100K users every month.

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