Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Dark Knight Rises are just a few blockbuster movies that the founding team of our client has worked on.

Over a period of 3 months, we have had the pleasure of working on a unique project with a group of creative visual artists. 3DreamLibrary is the worlds-first destruction-ready 3D asset library built to offer blockbuster quality assets for projects like movies & games. In simple terms, visual effects artists who work on movies, modern games can find anything from 3D chairs to buildings and skyscrapers at 3DreamLibrary.com

Brand Values

Destruction. Blockbuster. 3D.


Content and Strategy
Social Media and Website Support
Ads Management and Tracking


Adobe Creative Suite
Google & Facebook Ads
HTML, CSS, Php, Java


October, 2020

The Challenge

After many failed attempts with other digital agencies, the 3DreamLibrary team requested our help to establish their brand online. The founding team of this start-up consisted of artists with limited experience in business development, e-commerce and marketing.

As a result, we were challenged with the task of developing a go-to market strategy for the 3DreamLibrary brand.

The Solution

To prepare a go-to market strategy, we first needed to understand the dynamics of the market: (1) who are the competitors, (2) who is the target consumer, (3) what differentiates market leaders and more.

Once we got the hang of the market, it was time to get to know the products. There we found the value proposition that we believed would propel the brand in the market. Relative to others, 3DreamLibrary offered assets that were configured for destruction. These assets we understood were essential to studios creating blockbuster Sci-Fi movies. Following our research, we created a social media plan and finished with the website.

The launch campaign featured giveaways, freebies, product highlights, animations, static designs and more.

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