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Understanding the client means the agency and the business start sharing a single vision. At Black Bird Marketing, we place great emphasis on understanding our client’s vision, goals, wants, needs and targeted customers.

As a result, we can offer tailor-made creative digital marketing solutions for the client.The team at Black Bird Marketing specializes in the use of digital media and changing trends.

In doing so, we help businesses make effective use of new marketing opportunities - which will ultimately lead towards market expansion.Our core competencies are brand development and positioning within the digital market.We fight to help businesses grow their digital presence by pushing them
to their target audience at Industry-low rates.

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Overdrive Interactive is for clients who want performance right now. Clients who want programs that drive sales today while also building value and brand awareness for tomorrow. Clients who don’t just want to survive in today’s competitive online business climate, but want to truly innovate, transform, and thrive. Overdrive possesses the strategic, creative, and technical abilities necessary to deliver this kind of performance. From proven, multi-channel, online marketing programs to complete corporate branding and marketing we have the skills and experience to make things happen and make them happen fast!That’s why we offer proven, performance-based online marketing strategies and tactics that start delivering results right now, while building profitable customer relationships that add real equity over time. Take a few moments to explore our case studies and services – then get in touch!

How is Blackbird


Modern strategy is driven by simplicity. We place great emphasis in creating content and strategy that is adjusted for the modern consumer

Customer Obsession

We put customers first. Everything else flows from there. We dedicate alot of time and effort in building lasting relationships with all of our customers.


Clients value our opinion and trust our judgment. Our job is to guide the client towards a direction that promotes growth.

Birds of a feather,
flock together!

We introduce the team that makes Black Bird Marketing your perfect digital partner.

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professionals develops, design, runs test, and/or manages
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