Based in Kosovo, trusted by brands all over the world

Sharing One Vision

At Black Bird Marketing, we are obsessed with our clients - to the point where they become our partners; we feel part of their journey and helping them reach business objectives is our main priority.

We go above and beyond in understanding our partners’ vision, goals, implied wants and explicit needs.As a result, we can offer tailor-made creative digital marketing solutions for our partners, enabling them to reach their target audience and drive business results.

The team at Black Bird Marketing specializes in the use of digital marketing tools (social media, digital ads, e-commerce, websites and apps) to help our partners identify unique opportunities in the digital marketing space and position their brands for sustained growth in the digital age.

Our core competencies are brand development, digital marketing strategy and relentless customer service.

What makes Black Bird different?


Modern strategy is driven by simplicity. We place great emphasis in creating content and strategy that is adjusted for the modern consumer

Customer Obsession

We put customers first. Everything else flows from there. We dedicate alot of time and effort in building lasting relationships with all of our customers.


Clients value our opinion and trust our judgment. Our job is to guide the client towards strategic growth.

Birds of a feather,
flock together!

We introduce the team that makes Black Bird Marketing your perfect digital partner.

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